Job code: 7928667406

Category: IT: Information Technology

Industry: IT/ Computer

Type: Full time

Address: 4F Floral akihabara Bldg, 2-12-6 Sakuma-cho, Tiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Language: N/A

Number of position: 5

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Earn a life-long engineer's experience in Japan

Company Outline

The Japanese company Ars Nova believes in the philosophy “a company that develops engineers,” and is able to garner strong confidence in customers through the advanced technical ability of the engineers nurtured. The knowledge and experience of training engineers cultivated by our company is supported by characteristically Japanese traits of “high quality” and “degree of perfection.” These might also be considered a part of a precious culture cultivated ceaselessly by Japan. The aim of Ars Nova is that Foreign engineers also inherit these elements of Japanese culture.

Description of Business
  • Service Details
  1. WEB Application Development

We are always pursuing the best for our customers. We support the entire span of planning/listening/requirement analysis/development/practical application by using experienced engineers and the latest technology. Through our rich business knowledge and excellent developers, we propose systems best suited for our clients. We also provide conservation/maintenance in regard to developed systems.

Furthermore, by also making use of the Japanese Network Architect (Ars Nova Corporation, we offer high-level, flexible development while operating together with Japan.

  1. Cell-phone Application (Android, iPhone) Development

In regard to the radically expanding smart phone market, we are engaged in research and development of iPhone and Android applications. We have a rich record of iPhone application development, development of applications applying the customizability of AndroidOS to its maximum and support for customer smart phone businesses.


Industry: IT/ Computer

Foundation: 2008

President: Nakabeppu Shinya

Capital: 100,000 USD

Number of employee: 30

Address: Yangon - Myanmar.