Job code: 4f3fcf1764

Category: Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Type: Contract

Location: Yangon

Address: Yangon - Myanmar.

Language: English

Number of position: 1

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Myanmar International Consultants Co.,Ltd (MMIC)

Company Outline

MMIC, Myanmar International Consultants Company Limited, is a Yangon-based engineering consulting company established in 2012. MMIC’s main objective is to participate in and to contribute to the development of Myanmar by providing its consultancy services on the development and execution of general infrastructure projects and urban and rural development projects, financed by national and international donor organizations as well as private investors. MMIC consolidates engineering know-how covering various fields of infrastructure development projects as well as in the area of capacity development of various sectors for our nationals. MMIC has a team of community development experts and well-chosen highly experienced engineers at its disposal in order to provide a proficient team for every single internationally and locally financed project. With its international partner companies, MMIC can draw on their know-how needed for successful international tendering. Beyond that MMIC’s objective is to build up the capacity of national experts/counterparts by obtaining the opportunity of working together with the international firms/experts as an on the job training and to support young, well-educated local engineers and to give them opportunity to work with MMIC as the development of Myanmar has to include the promotion of Myanmar’s society alongside with our engineering duties.

Opening Job List

Industry: Construction / Building / Architecture

President: --

Number of employee: 30

Address: Dagon - Yangon - Myanmar.