Job code: 4845b84d63

Category: Admin / HR / Secretarial/ Clerical

Industry: Manufacturing

Type: Full time

Location: Yangon

Address: Mayangone - Yangon - Yangon - Myanmar.

Language: English

Number of position: 1

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JFE Meranti Myanmar

Company Outline

Our journey in Myanmar began in 2015 with our CEO visiting Yangon. His initial impressions were the city’s bustling atmosphere, its kind and warm inhabitants, a strong historic identity, and the great potential resulting thereof. But he also saw how these promising features clashed with many weather worn industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Together with his team, he discovered one of the key reasons to be the lack of better building materials available on the market. Most affordable options were of low quality and unworthy for the people of Myanmar. He and his team made it their goal to help improve the living conditions in Myanmar by contributing to the development of its coated steel sector.

Opening Job List

Industry: Manufacturing

President: --

Number of employee: 50

Address: Mayangone - Yangon - Yangon - Myanmar.