Hiroki Shiotsuka
Seattle Consulting Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Q. Could you explain your company and its business in details?

We are Japanese IT company which has strength in developing Web Application with Java/PHP. Our headquarters is in Japan, has been developed business applications mainly with Java in a wide-range of business fields, such as Finance, Insurance, Securities, Tele-Communication, and so forth. Utilizing these know-how, we've just begun our business in Myanmar with purpose of living up to world's standards.

Q. Could you give me attractive points of your company?

I think that we are composed of experts in several kinds of field. One takes initiative to lead projects, one voluntarily creates sample Web application for presentation, one introduces a variety of business partners and opportunities, one is good at network configuration, one proposes sophisticated UI, one is conscious of effective coding, etc. Each factor as an independent member can influence with each other to produce synergy and symphony in organization.

Q. Please tell us the philosophy of your company.

We put high value on diversity. Organization works well as long as what we aim for is same, even though each point of view is different. Even if we look for the same direction, however, there might be possible to occur some trouble caused by the difference of upbringing environment. However, merely avoiding these troubles won't solve the essence part of issue. After discussing what was wrong, and what should've been done, we believe that we can acquire deeper level of understanding among us.

Q. Please tell us if there are any systems of distinctive policies, education, and evaluation and so on.

There is three distinctive point on us. Our working policy is "Propose alternative plan if you oppose to opinion". Only criticizing without concrete alternative plan is not allowed in our company. We conduct study session in our company for learning Japanese and programming. In study session, every member can be a teacher to share their knowledge. In terms of evaluation, we think it important to evaluate member not only by director's viewpoint, but the other colleagues.

Q. Please give your message to all job seekers?

We pursue our purpose of being the top Japanese IT company in Myanmar and invest in some fields, such as education, to improve people’s standard of living in the near future. For this purpose, we are seeking for passionate people who can earnestly contribute to the company. Also, those who are full of curiosity are more preferable in this rapidly growing IT field. To conclude, please have a dream. We've dreamed of making people around us happy and smile. Let's create great software together!

Date of Birth: 03/01/1989

Nationality: Japan

Education: Chuo University / International Law and Politics Bellevue Community College / International Business

Career: Akiyoshi India Consulting Pvt. Ltd. / Internship(2012/01-2012/03) Seattle Consulting, Inc. / System