What is Employed Gift Money

Step.1 Search the Best Job!

First search for the best job on Dream Job Myanmar. Also, can receive offer mails from companies. If you find the best job, please full fill the form and apply for web site.

Step.2 Apply for a Job and Go to an Interview!

Please be patient for respond from the person in charge of recruitment. As soon as you get detail information from the person in charge, the date of your job interview must be scheduled. All you need to do is to be well prepared for your job interview.

Step.3 When you are employed, Request for Employed Gift Money!

Congratulations, you have got a job. When you pass applicant screening and interview, then access to Dream Job Myanmar before you checked the first working day. Please full fill the form and request Employed Gift Money.

Step.4 We Dream Job Myanmar present Employed Gift Money!

Check your recruitment and the first working day with the person in charge of your company.

We transfer Employed Gift Money to your bank account after conformation of your continuous 30 days work attendances.

*Notice: Employed Gift Money would not be pay if you miss continuous 30 days work attendances.

Why can you get Employed Gift Money?

Employed Gift Money is a gift of money that is implied our feeling of congratulations to the person who successfully seize jobs through Dream Job Myanmar.

*Notice: This is not from employer, Dream Job Myanmar pay to you directly.

Dream Job Myanmar Foundation

Dream Job Myanmar donates some percentages of Advertising fees from Employer. When a job seeker was employed, at the same time it means he / she made donation for Myanmar people without having to pay anything.

We provide the donation in the various fields everywhere in Myanmar.